Plunkett: There is no reason to be ‘Proud’ of Confederate heritage

Rory Plunkett

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The Proud Boys were rumored to make an appearance at Bernie Sanders’ rally on Colorado State University’s campus last week.


The Proud Boys should be allowed on campus but people on campus should know what they stand for: Confederate culture. Modern Confederates claim that the Confederate flag represents their heritage. The founder of The Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, advocates for the use of the Confederate flag.



1.something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition. –

It is important to understand what this flag represented as it should act as a reminder of what this country used to be and how far we have come in amending those mistakes, and as a reminder of how much we still have left to fix. This flag should not be flown and waved around as a symbol of heritage, culture or pride. 

The traditions that the Confederate flag represent are slavery, involuntary servitude, defining certain people as property, and more violent and horrible traditions which every person who rallied behind that Confederate flag had in common.

memorials for Robert E. Lee.

1.Robert E. Lee bust on Confederate Monument (Paris, Texas)

2. Gen. Robert E. Lee historical marker (Hagerstown, Maryland)

3. Robert E. Lee Statue (Dallas, Texas)

People like McInnes can dodge racist claims as much as they want but the fact remains that the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression and immoral practices.

Modern-day Confederates might say that the flag represents their culture and not the history as a justification for the flag. Unfortunately, the culture that flew that flag was fighting against America in the Civil War. The culture that the Confederate flag represents is that of White supremacy. The flag itself is inherently racist because of the culture and heritage that it fostered, therefore no one should be proud of that flag. 

Additionally, Confederates like Robert E. Lee should not be memorialized with a statue. This should go without saying, but Robert E. Lee should be considered anti-American since the Confederacy succeeded from America.

So, why is a man who fought against this country so often memorialized?

The Proud Boys are not officially labeled as a Neo-Confederate group, however, they did appear at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

German citizens do not flaunt around the swastika as a symbol of pride. In fact, Germans understand and are remorseful of their violent history. They do not hide from their history either and claim that swastika means something other than a hateful symbol. They do not use Naziism as a part of their heritage or a sense of pride.

Personally, as a CSU student the Proud Boys do not deserve a place on my campus. However as long as they don’t break the law then they do legally have that right to march here, and that should be respected.


Heritage is created through traditions and the traditions of your heritage are illegal and immoral, therefore we will not stand for your traditions in this country, and we will not recognize your heritage.

Rory Plunkett can be reached at or online at @jericho.wav.