Letters: Dennis Prager teaches liberalism rather than leftism

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Dear Collegian, 

Dennis Prager is coming to speak on campus. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to hear, face to face, one of America’s wisest and finest men.

I used to be a man of the Democratic Party. Those ideas and values are what I thought made for a happy, American life. The problem is, I was wrong. These folks are not liberals; they are leftists. There is a huge difference, and leftism does not bring happiness. Mr. Prager will explain. I’ll do a little. 

Maybe start with a recent Prager University course on the difference between liberalism and leftism. Prager University now has over 300 five-minute videos from some of the best minds in America. It has over 1.7 billion views — mostly from young people. 

I was introduced several years ago to Mr. Prager’s  books, talks, and daily three hour talk-radio show. He, in turn, introduced me to all sorts of other great liberal thinkers, books and podcasts. He changed my life for the good. For example, at college I essentially learned leftism. I learned that the essence of a man must be seen through the lens of race, class and gender. Prager teaches liberalism.

Liberals hold that the essence of a man is his character, values, and behavior. It rejects the leftist view of man as regressive, primitive and illiberal. It rejects deans of diversity and inclusion on campuses, people essentially hired to count skin pigment, ovaries and testicles.

Leftism teaches us to love socialism; liberalism teaches us to value free market capitalism. One ideology makes us selfish and demanding, the other makes us free and strong and self reliant. By teaching such values Mr. Prager has helped me and millions of others become much happier and much better Americans.

You won’t hear this at Colorado State University or at almost any university today. You won’t hear it from the Democratic Party, in our media or from Hollywood. That is because people in those areas have never learned liberal American values or they simply rejected them. They embrace the terrible value system of leftism.

Go see this great man. You’ll hear things you will never hear on these leftist indoctrination centers, now called our universities. Hear what true liberal, American happiness — inducing values sound like. It may change your life. It may not. That’s life too.



Howard Sachs, interested reader

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