LTTE: Brust-Winchell are the best choice for ASCSU

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Students of Colorado State University,


My name is Daniela Pineda Soracá. I had the honor of serving as Colorado State University’s student body president during the 2016-2017 school year. I entered the position as a sophomore student that did not know much about the day to day challenges and valuable opportunities for growth that I would be immersed in.

Photo courtesy of Allec Brust

Taking into account my own experience, I am confident that Allec Brust and Mareena Winchell are the best option for the president and vice president positions at ASCSU.

I advocated for renewable energy alongside student groups, worked with different ideologies and, above all, worked as a mediating leader to promote the diversity of all ideas on our campus. It is a tough job. One has to be a compass for unique students and decision makers that have a wide array of ideas and goals.

Allec Brust has been a facilitator of ideas since I met her. She has shown a commitment to civil discourse through her work as the opinion editor at the Rocky Mountain Collegian. Allec is authentic in the way she carries herself. She not only wants to tell each students story, she loves doing it. This is a key skill for the job. Getting stuck in the office drama is easy, but Allec always looks at the bigger picture and works to be an objective voice. This is a key leadership quality that is required for the ASCSU President so students can engage on campus and beyond.

I had the pleasure of meeting vice presidential candidate Mareena Winchell during my time as an inclusive community assistant in Braiden Hall, where she currently serves as Resident Assistant. She has been trained in recognizing the daily life of a student, and she is constantly challenged to create community. Mareena has consistently shared her desire to be a friendly and non-intimidating face in the ASCSU office, which is something she had in common with me.

These women possess the qualities that student government leaders need to thrive. They are dedicated to meeting their goals as the first entirely female ticket in ASCSU’s history. These women have my support, and I hope they can earn yours too.

Voting ends today at 4pm, so vote on RamWeb!

Daniela Pineda Soracá
ASCSU President 16-17
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