Letter to the editor: Conservative students deserve an apology

Guest Author

Editor’s Note: All opinion section content reflects the views of the individual author only and does not represent a stance taken by the Collegian or its editorial board. Letters to the Editor reflect the view of a member of the campus community and are submitted to the publication for approval. CJ Ash, Caspian Banki and Veronica Morin are three conservative student leaders on campus, affiliated with the Conservative Interest Group, College Republicans and Students for Life, and College Republicans, respectively. CJ Ash is an opinion columnist for The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Dear editor, in response to the article “Thousands take to CSU campus in demonstration against hate, ‘bias-motivated incidents’” published on March 29:


CSU sponsored the “No Place for H8” event, an event that sought to unify the entire campus against hate. Conservative and Libertarian students do not feel the “unity” recently celebrated at our campus. In fact, our community sees Colorado State as a university of hostility. “Students Against White Supremacy” falsely accused conservative individuals of white supremacy in a neo-Chavista fashion. The word “racist” has become the new message of the inquisition.

CSU students are being prosecuted and mislabeled as white supremacists simply for being conservative. The Conservative Interest Group has members from around the world and from different organizations (College Republicans, Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Liberty, NRAU and Students for Life.) Our members come from diverse backgrounds, different countries, and represent an array of political ideologies.

The campus attacks on conservatives by radical leftists are nothing new. Just last year, Josh Silva, a conservative son of immigrants from Venezuela was impeached from student government, in part because of his ties to our organization. The year before, Juan Caro, a conservative Colombian immigrant and kidnapping survivor, faced three impeachments. Ten student senators made national headlines after facing impeachment for a conservative vote. Emily Faulkner was shamed by a CSU employee for her political beliefs, and a Student for Life group had to sue Colorado State for violating their first amendment rights.

In the past week, students were attacked, doxed, and publicly harassed on social media for being members of TPUSA. SAWS, in an anti-American and fascist fashion, demanded the organization be banned completely. Conservative students were told that they “do not belong here” and should have “never attended CSU.” Does this sound like a campus of unity, peace and tolerance? Maybe to the left it does.

The statements made by SAWS could be worthy of litigation – Defamation has legal consequences, and does not garner the protection of the First Amendment. We denounce the administration for allowing what we consider to be a slanderous attack to happen. SAWS members are “negligible as to the truth” and demonstrate “a reckless disregard for whether or not the statement were true or false.”

We believe the inaction by the CSU administration allowed protesters to slander our fellow students, and this is unacceptable. President Tony Frank also failed to denounce the accusations immediately after.

On behalf of the thousands of conservative students at Colorado State University, we are appealing to SAWS, Tony Frank, and the CSU administration for an official public apology.


  • CJ Ash – Chairman, Conservative Interest Group CSU
  • Caspian Banki – Treasurer, College Republicans and Students for Life
  • Veronica Morin – President, College Republicans