Letters: Turning Point USA stands for free market and limited government, nothing more or less.

Guest Author

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Dear Editor,


In a letter by Hank Stowers to the editor on Wednesday, several statements were set forth that must be corrected. While I personally have never met him, nor has he ever made direct inquiry regarding Turning Point USA’s views and perspectives, he proffered an inciting and misguided analysis of TPUSA. For clarity, I offer this response: 

TPUSA is in no way affiliated with nor condones the perspectives of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP).  Further, TWP is not associated with the hosting of Charlie Kirk’s presentation or any other function of TPUSA.  Like other organizations who avail themselves of the University’s free speech policy, this group may be posting information on campus. However, TPUSA has no control over their actions. Mr. Stowers further goes on to claim that TPUSA has a history of being morally aligned with the TWP. These statements are simply unfounded.

On Jan. 25, 2018, CSU’s Chapter of TPUSA released a statement after becoming aware of a rumor regarding an affiliation between TPUSA and the TWP. In that statement, TPUSA denounced the radical perspectives of the TWP. Perhaps Mr. Stowers was unaware of the statement previously released, but one thing is clear: There is no “condoning” from TPUSA or myself of the TWP, nor is there an affiliation with the TWP whatsoever, and to make this connection is without basis. I find any policy and any organization that stands for anything other than respect for all Americans of all views unequivocally disrespectful.

One thing that Mr. Stowers and I do agree on is that acting ethically and being inclusive is a cornerstone of our University’s policies. That is what Charlie Kirk and TPUSA stands for, and what his speech will address on Friday night. Inclusivity means that we include those who express support for free markets and limited government. These are the values that TPUSA stands for—nothing more and nothing less than that.  

Isabel Brown

Turning Point USA Chapter President