Letters: ASCSU President, Vice President denounce hate speech, reiterate Tony Frank’s message ahead of Charlie Kirk

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To the Colorado State University Students and Community,


With the recent events on campus, we as a student government want to echo the sentiments made by our University President Dr. Tony Frank. We urge all students to review the email Dr. Frank sent to the CSU community. The message and tone truly reflect what we must do as a CSU community. We support the First Amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly, and we believe there is no place for hate on this campus.

While it may be easy to let emotions turn into something more, we must uphold our Principles of Community to show respect and dignity for each other. As Dr. Frank said, we denounce any form of speech that inflates hatred through our campus. With the recent incidents of bias on our campus, including what occurred last semester, it is clear we must speak up and speak out against these incidents of hate because this cannot define who we are. We must continue to discern between what is reasonable political disagreements and what is hate speech. Make sure you and everyone around you is safe. Make sure your voice and opinion can be heard.

Finally, make sure you hold true to the values that make CSU great. We encourage you to read Dr. Frank’s email and reflect on what makes CSU a great place to be. Rams take care of Rams.


Michael Wells, President             
Cole V. Wise, Vice President
Associated Students of Colorado State University

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