Ghost of Cam 24 spotted on campus

Nate Day

Photo Illustration by AJ Frankson

Editor’s note: This is a satire piece from the Collegian’s Opinion section.

In September 2015, Colorado State University suffered a major blow when Cam 24, the University’s beloved mascot, passed away. Now, it would seem that Cam 24 is back, but in an entirely different form.


Students and faculty alike have come forward to confess seeing the ghostly ram around campus. Some saw him play with the dancer in Centennial Hall, and others saw him lurking in the basement of Clark.

Cam 24 became known for his impeccable timing after dying on the day of the Rocky Mountain Showdown, causing the University to suffer an emotional loss in addition to its athletic embarrassment. Now, it appears that Cam 24 is continuing this trend by reappearing just in time for Halloween.

Cam 24 reportedly visited his nephew, Cam 25, to pass on his wisest advice and paid a visit to the administration of the University.

Some reported seeing Cam 24 walking on all fours, while others insist that he’s taken on some more human qualities since his passing and now walks on two legs. Some students even reported seeing him riding a bike, looking very similar to the bike lane symbols found around campus; helmet and all.

Regardless of the form he takes, all sightings have been reported as friendly encounters, with Cam 24 only offering the same affection and pride he exuded in his lifetime.

Unfortunately, Cam 25’s handlers are unable to determine exactly what knowledge Cam 24 passed on to his heir, but since his appearance, Cam 25 has seemed remarkably more comfortable with the mantle of the school mascot.

It’s unknown where Cam 24’s ghost resides when not haunting students and faculty, but it’s assumed that he relocates to the tunnels rumored to run beneath the campus.

Unfortunately, due to his ghostly nature, Cam 24 could not be contacted for a comment, but it’s assumed that he won’t be sticking around after the upcoming holiday.

Psychology Today notes that ghost sightings usually occur when “individuals who have become isolated in an extreme or unusual environment, often when high levels of stress are involved.”

The recent sightings of Cam 24 could be due to the immense amount of pressure students are under at this point in the semester. 


Ghosts are famously intangible, and Cam 24 is no exception, making it impossible to catch him. However, some students are working on tracking him to locate his hideout, as well as to determine when and where he’ll make his next appearance.

While Cam 24 obviously feels at home while visiting his family, he’s made several appearances in Clark C and the Visual Arts building, as his ghostly state seems to match the decrepit buildings.

In its efforts to bring the students, staff and faculty of CSU the most important news, we’re launching a full-scale investigation into Cam 24’s appearance, piecing together shards of information from year past to determine why he’s returned.

Students and faculty with knowledge of Cam 24’s location and/or movement are encouraged to contact Collegian reporter Nate Day on Twitter @NateMDay.

Collegian reporter Nate Day can be reached at or on Twitter @NateMDay.