Letter to Tony Frank: New CSU game day regulations segregate new and old alumni

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Open letter to Tony Frank, 
As a former alumni that only missed only 3 on-campus games during my four-year tenure, and who often traveled among the team while fulfilling my newspaper duties, I’m discouraged at what I see as I gear up for the season opener this weekend. Blissful memories of Hughes flooding my mind only to be crashed down to reality as to how I’m going to throw a tailgate for 15 friends and family members who have traveled to Colorado to share the opening experience. As a Denver resident, I recognize that I may only get to one or two Rams football games, while I’d love to visit Fort Collins more, life just happens and two is more realistic. Realistic enough to not make a donation for a $100 parking pass. 
Dr. Frank, you see, I’m discouraged that the parking situation isn’t encouraging mixing new alumni and old. Diehard vs weekend warriors. It’s segregating it. You’re telling me, a young alumni, that I can’t play ladderball with my tailgating neighbors because I can’t make a $5,000 donation. You’re telling me, intentionally or not, that young alumni are ‘less’ because we cannot donate more. 
I’m discouraged that you promote binge, secretive, drinking within ‘dry’ tailgate lots instead of seeing and stopping someone before they’ve drank too much. We’ve all had that one friend who pregames a little too hard because they can’t drink publicly or trys to play ‘catch-up.’
I’m discouraged that the CSU stadium team hasn’t listened. From student opposition to alumni opposition, you’re telling me that our voices don’t matter for the stadium, for tailgating, or for the parking situation.
Regardless of my initial thoughts, I decided to back the administration. Private donations, more academic money, ‘newer and better things will happen with the stadium.’ I heard the stadium was being built, and here we are today with a shiny new stadium. I’m not going to be able to change that. Not then, not now. It’s built and we’ll have to live with it. 
What we don’t have to live with are the policies that are created just to be created. To appease higher power. Hear people on policies. Hear that the tailgating situation is not OK. Hear that donation based tickets, spread out parking locations/lots are not OK. Hear that this is not normal for on-campus stadiums. You want to look at normal? Look at Oregon State University (yes, our competitors throw a great game day experience!), look at University of Oklahoma, look at all the SEC team game day experience and soon you’ll see people gather, not spread, quickly bouncing from one tailgate to the next. People socialize, drink, and cook damn good food. People relish in being at their Alma Mater. It’s social, not strict. 
Colorado State is going to fall short on this experience until we address easier parking, tailgating, and easier game day experience (ever read the parking map and trying to figure out where to park? It’s not easy.) Resolve this and we have a recipe for success. Let policies sit and going to a game will become a hassle, not a blissful experience. 
I want to make the best of it, I really do, but I hold my breath on what my experience prior to game-time will look like on Saturday.
Rachel Hubel 
Discouraged Alumni
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