Letter: A message from ASCSU leadership on Rocky Mountain Showdown sportsmanship

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Dear Colorado State Students, 


This weekend, Colorado State University will continue what I hope to be a fantastic football season by playing against our chief rival, the Colorado Buffaloes, at the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

The Rocky Mountain Showdown is a longstanding spirited and intense faceoff between two fantastic universities full of proud students. The game kicks off at 6:00 pm and is the 17th to be played at Mile High.

While fierce competition, to an extent, is healthy and encourages school pride, it is crucial that we remember what we represent as we head down to Denver on Friday. Whether it’s in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, or anywhere else, we should reflect our pride in being CSU Rams through our conduct and through our words.

Our schools have an enduring rivalry, but together we represent the best of our beautiful state of Colorado as students. When our football teams face off on Friday night, let’s respectfully (and loudly) demonstrate our school pride with sportsmanship and class.

Let’s show what being “proud to be” means to us all. Let’s be good sports. Let’s be responsible, safe, and respectful. Let’s abide by the CSU Principles of Community, and let’s remember: Rams ALWAYS take care of Rams.

We overcame Oregon State, we “grilled the Buffs,” and now let’s dominate at the Showdown. GO RAMS!

Josh Silva and Michael Wells

ASCSU President and Vice President

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