Weston: Students need to utilize Fort Collins transportation

It almost sounds like a dream, not driving through the ever-changing maze of construction and just sit back and let someone else do the work. This is a reality that many students fail to recognize as true. Our student I.D. doubles as a bus pass to get you a ride around campus, and the greater Fort Collins community. Not to mention… it’s completely free.

I’ll be the first to admit that riding the bus doesn’t immediately sound like a very pleasant experience. I’ve had some truly terrible experiences traveling by bus, including a guy coughing up phlegm on the bus window in Honolulu, and drunks arguing loudly on a bus in D.C. It’s reasonable to say that I’m a bit wary of this particular mode of public transit.


This one is different however. Transfort is an excellent tool for students. The busses are clean, which is a huge perk. Honestly, they are cleaner than my car. The drivers are all friendly and the busses are mostly on time. What I did once out of necessity has quickly become a more pleasant way to start my day. I just pop my headphones and take a morning walk instead of fighting traffic and parking.

I can appreciate that walking 10 minutes to the bus stop, or even riding your bike there since the busses have bike racks, isn’t always going to be convenient. All I’m saying is you can save the $520 they want for an annual parking pass that grants access to lots that seem constantly filled.

Charging as much as they do for parking here is obscene. The rare occasion in which I do drive to campus, I’m always disappointed it costs $10 to park for a day of classes. It may well be that I’m just cheap, but money is tight for many college students.

There’s also the environmental impact to be considered. Factors like runoff and increased demand locally for oil products are also to be considered as well. Another albeit selfish environmentalist reason is the smell. It’s not here yet, the air is still fresh, but as we add more roads and cars to drive on them that’s bound to change. I know I can’t speak for everyone but the fresh air is one of my favorite things about this place.

Of all the resources that are made available to us, this one seems tragically underused. With over 33,000 students registered at CSU last semester the Fort Collins bus transit system logged just 4,083 passengers during the last three months of the year.

So, whatever reason is sufficient for you, make the change. Leave your car parked at home and simplify your life a bit while saving yourself a few bucks for much needed food and beer.

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