LTTE: Fort Collins should join the growing list of cities committing to being 100 percent renewable

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Dear Collegian,


Climate change is now dominating the headlines in our progressive world. We are beginning to understand the harmful effects of the oil and gas industries such as the disruption of wildlife ecosystems. However, energy sources such as wind and solar power are sweeping the nation, dropping in price and proving that we can eventually power our cities with completely renewable sources.

Although more research needs to be done regarding things like efficient battery storage technologies, renewable energy is a highly obtainable answer to ending the deadly effects of fossil fuels. Colorado State University is one of the few universities that has pledged to be committed to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. Not to mention towns such as Boulder, Pueblo and Aspen have made similar commitments. Fort Collins can easily be the next city to join the ranks. We as a generation have the power to dictate what our future will look like; we can say no to oil companies, fracking, and coal industries. Renewables are our future and we are ready to take step in the right direction. We challenge the city of Fort Collins to match CSU’s commitment to 100 percent renewable electricity.

Madeline Smith-Sheader


Anthropology Major

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