Letters: Upcoming Fort Collins climate rally a much needed opportunity

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Dear Collegian,


On Friday, April 28th, Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center Plaza will play host to a range of environmental organizations, interactive art exhibits environmental activists, and climate conscious politicians. The event at hand is called “Heated: Youth Climate Rally.” For the sake of our local environment and our opportunity to be part of an international movement, the people of Fort Collins need to be in attendance.

The mission of Heated, as stated on their Facebook event page, is to “actively engage young people across Fort Collins and Colorado in the struggle for immediate environmental action by demanding the protection of our water resources, food systems and global climate.” Similar sentiments have been echoed by national science and climate marches, as well as Earth Day and Arbor Day demonstrations. Municipalities across our state have taken to the streets in unity with the rest of our nation, but organizational conflicts and unexpected weather issues has prevented Fort Collins from engaging with national demonstrations thus far. Heated is our chance to change that. The time for urgency and advocacy in our community is now.

This is going to be more than a demonstration of contempt; Heated is about finding ways for us to take action together. Organizations run by community members and students will be hosting discussions and providing insight on local initiatives to prevent climate change. Speakers will rally our community to action, sharing their perspectives as students, professors, politicians and activists that use their voice to fight for a livable future. The opportunities to make a change are being provided by Heated. In an era of political dissonance and environmental assault by corporate sectors, it is our responsibility as a community to seize this chance and stand for the protection of our planet. The event begins at 1:00 pm on Friday, with speakers taking the stage at 3:00 p.m.. I hope to see you there.

Henry Stowers

English Major

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