Letters: ASCSU candidate Tristan Syron encourages students to vote for CSU alum for council

Guest Author

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the following column are those of the writer only and do not necessarily represent the views of the Collegian or its editorial board.

By: Tristan Syron, ASCSU Vice Presidential Candidate



Not only are there elections coming up early next week for student government, there is also a crucial city government election. One of our very own, the recently graduated, yet extremely experienced Duane Hansen is running for office. Duane needs your help to get elected. While I am running for the Associated Students of Colorado State University Vice Presidential position, I wanted to take some time off from my own campaign to talk about the local election.

My experience with Hansen can attest to the kind of man he will be on the Fort Collins City Council. Duane is running to be the new City Council representative for a large portion of Fort Collins, a lot of which includes neighborhoods surrounding CSU, as well as campus itself. He has a history of representing students very well, and I’ve seen it firsthand.

Beginning with our time together in ASCSU, he opposed the first bill I ever submitted. Naturally, I found myself confused and a little a little angry by his opposition. However, he soon reached out to me and sat me down to explain his reasoning. Although Duane initially thought my bill was a good idea, his constituents at the Adult Learning and Veteran Services Office weren’t huge fans. It was that simple, his vote would be going according to the views of those whom he represented.

Not only is Duane a true representative, he is an honest one as well. I don’t think he even knows how to lie. He’ll tell you when he disagrees. Most powerfully, as a true representative, he’ll listen for input and go against his personal beliefs if that is what his constituents want.

Further, Duane is also passionate with his work. He truly wants to better his community, and I know that is what motivates him to run for Fort Collins City Council. More than anyone else I’ve worked with, Duane would go above and beyond with his research for legislation, he would ask the crucial questions, and challenge the status quo. I have always known that when Duane Hansen goes to vote, it is a well-informed, researched vote.

Finally, as I have spoken toward his political career, I’d like to speak to him as a person. Duane, more than anything else, embodies compassion. He frequently would walk a student of ours to her car after senate meetings. She didn’t feel safe in the parking lot, so it became his tradition of ensuring her safety. Further, he has been nothing less than a quality friend and a trusted co-worker.

Duane has done so much for CSU, and now he is looking to better Fort Collins. He has some really awesome ideas. He wants to simplify the city’s bus system, and promote policies that will help curb the out-of-control rise of housing costs. His website, www.DuaneHansen.com, has plenty more information about his platforms. I really hope that everyone can take my word and understand how good of a City Council Member that Duane would be. We need to help the fellow Ram after everything he has done for us. Even if you’re not a registered voter in Fort Collins, it isn’t too late. The election is Tuesday, and ballots have to be dropped off by 7 p.m.. If you find yourself with a free hour today or tomorrow, go to the Fort Collins City Clerk’s office (just a mile or two from campus), and they will get you a ballot on the spot. Rams help Rams. Let’s get Duane Hansen elected to City Council. And hey, get on Ramweb to vote for your student government elections as well! Don’t you want to do what you can to help make Fort Collins and CSU even better than they already are?


Tristan Syron


ASCSU Vice Presidential Candidate, President of the Liberal Arts Deans Leadership Council