Brust: Thanks, Obama

Allec Brust

It is going to be hard for me to see Obama leave office. Personally, it didn’t matter which candidate was ultimately elected; None of them compare to Barack Hussein Obama.Think what you may about him, Obama’s presidency produced many beneficial changes. Here are some of the most prominent changes that can be attributed to the Obama presidency:

Legalizing same sex marriage:


This was a major success in American history. Years from now we will look back on the legalization of same sex marriage as we look at the civil rights movement today. Same sex marriage was a huge step in the right direction for equality. In an ever changing society constantly struggling over equality and freedom and Obama made a great move with same sex marriage.

Ending the war in Iraq:

This speaks for itself. Obama withdrew the troops and had the last round come home on Dec. 18, 2011.


Whether you support the Affordable Care Act or not, Obama created a universal health insurance plan while 5 presidents before him failed to do so. It has helped over 10 million people afford insurance.

Killing Osama Bin Laden:

Although the death of Bin Laden should be attributed to the soldiers and team who planned and ultimately killed him, Obama is commander and chief of the armed forces. He ultimately was in charge of the decision.

Improving Schools:

When it comes to the US education system, Obama has made strides. In his time as president he has helped encourage schools to strive for excellence through reforms and initiatives such as Race to the Top, making STEM teaching a priority, lowering the cost of higher education, and setting new nutrition standards alongside Michelle Obama. The US education system was in need of repair after the Bush administration and Obama has made considerable changes since.

Breaking the Racial Barrier


Although a more abstract accomplishment, Obama changed the world by becoming the first black president. It cannot be argued that our government does not racially mirror the US population. Obama being president is a step in the right direction for equal representation in government for minorities.

A Scandal Free Presidency

Obama should be a moral model for all presidents to come. He was the first president in decades to go his entire presidency without the word “scandal” being associated with his name. Obama always presented himself as an excellent father, supportive wife, and morally good person overall. In terms of personality and public image, Obama was a poster child for great presidents.

These were only 7 of the major accomplishments Obama had in his time as president. I for one, will be devastated to see him go. Others may not be so down about him leaving the oval office, but not me. If I have one thing to say after the Obama era and this crazy election come to an end, it is this: Thanks Obama.