Would Donald Trump make a good president?

Taylor Tougaw

Trump would make a good president:

Donald Trump has said terrible things, but none of them would ruin our economy or destroy our country as the election of Hillary Clinton would. There is clear documentation of Hillary’s dishonesty and unworthiness. She has lied continuously about the Benghazi Attack and her State Department e-mails on her personal server. Hillary makes false promises to everyone to get their votes; Trump makes no false promises. Hillary says that she will raise taxes when elected; Trump will lower taxes.


Hillary has said in private that she wants open borders. This huge influx of immigrants will strain our healthcare, school, housing, and welfare systems, if not bankrupt them altogether. Open borders will also allow the continued flow of felons, drug traffickers, and gang members into the United States. Trump will seal our borders from these bad illegal immigrants.

Hillary says publicly she will restrict Wall Street from bad behavior, but privately she tells them that they are the best in deciding their own restrictions.

Hillary will continue the federal government control over much of our lives so that she can continue to control of our country’s wealth and power. Trump will make changes which give the control back to the PEOPLE.

-Paul Ellis

If you’re more offended by what Trump has said than what Hillary has done, you are part of the problem. Trump is an asshole, but Hillary is a straight up criminal. Not only should she not be running for president, she should be in prison.


Trump would not make a good president:

How can a person with literally no political experience make a good president? How can a person who didn’t pay taxes for almost 2 decades make a good president? How can a person who claims to be a great business man yet lost almost a billion dollars in a single year make a good president? How can someone who is endorsed by the KKK make a good president? How can a person who is the physical embodiment all of the negative racist, sexist, ableist, etc. Ideologies in this country make a good president? I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there for my sanity. Trump does not have a single redeemable quality. He should not be president.

-Haley Justino


If Trump is president, other countries will stop doing business with us. We will be seen as a joke to other countries. Not to mention the fact that he is a terrible role model – he’s a bully, a liar, a fraud, and a chauvinist that should make men and women equally as mad.


Next week’s topic (10/19): Election season is upon us. All CampusViews from here on out will be election oriented.

That being said, will Hillary Clinton make a good president? Why or why not?