Letter: A call to action: Join UFFAB

Guest Author

Editor’s note: This letter to the editor was originally published Sept. 19, 2016, under an incorrect headline. This is the corrected version.

To the unknowingly disappointed,


Your fellow students are failing you. This fiscal year, the University Facility Fee Advisory Board will be allocating $1,600,000 in student fees towards remodeling classrooms, creating new infrastructure, and expanding facilities. All college councils have been contacted and know that there are seats available for associate membership in every college. These college councils have also failed to share this knowledge with their constituents: fellow students of their colleges. This neglect is directly removing your voice from $20.75 per credit hour per semester of your money. For the average 15-credit student, this is $622.50 per year of student fees that you have been essentially blacklisted from. It’s time to demand to be heard, demand to be represented, and demand a return to true democracy. A demand to say where your money goes-to be in a college that doesn’t show up is to be forgotten. How many more projects like the Biology Building, BSB, and Computer Science, have to occur before Clark-C gets new carpet and paint? Come share your pains and concerns.

To contact your college council and demand representation, please contact Clayton King at clayton.king@rams.colostate.edu your message will be forwarded to the appropriate college council.

Written by Clayton King and Tristan Syron, UFFAB Leadership Team