Letter: ASCSU response to Office of Equal Opportunity decision

The following is a response from the Associated Student of Colorado State University regarding the Office of Equal Opportunity’s investigation of sexual harassment, which found the organization responsible for creating a “hostile work environment.”

Colorado State University Community-


The current Pineda Soracá/Lensky Administration, along with all branch leadership of the Associated Students of Colorado State University, are committed to providing and ensuring an inclusive, welcoming and professional environment. We believe in a campus community that is free from violence and harassment, and one that is based on the principles of community, safety and human dignity for all.

We are fully aware of the Office of Equal Opportunity’s summary of action items regarding actions of the previous ASCSU administration and are determined to ensure that under this new administration, now more than ever, ASCSU is a welcoming and safe place to work, free of harassment.

This new administration takes creating a comfortable and safe work environment very seriously, where engagement can productively address the needs ASCSU and the community at large. All elected and appointed members of ASCSU will complete in-person training regarding diversity and inclusion, professionalism and sexual harassment education facilitated by University professionals.

The OEO investigation calls for the need to be highly attentive in creating a welcoming environment, and the 2016-17 ASCSU administration is doing everything it can to ensure safety, protection and professionalism.

To improve the organization, our institution and our society, ASCSU welcomes the opportunity to sit down and discuss questions, concerns and ideas from the community.