LTTE: Choose not to participate in the BARE run

Guest Author

Dear students,

The past few years, some students have participated in the BARE run (previously called the undie run). The run is not authorized,
sponsored or supported by the University. The students who were trying to organize the run this year chose to pull out because they were
unable to get insurance for this activity. We want to share concerns about past issues with the run and inform you that it lacks
organization. Anyone who seeks to participate this year takes a significant risk. 

All clothing left behind will be diverted to the landfill. It will not be donated. The run has been touted as a clothing drive for people in
need. Rarely does the clothing "donated" benefit anyone. Last year, almost all of the clothing left behind was wet due to rain and became
moldy — it had to be thrown out. In 2014, 7,745 pounds of clothing were left behind from the run and only 1,683 pounds were donated because
most clothing wasn't in any condition to be accepted by charity. About seven tons of clothing in the last two years ended up in the landfill at the expense of our environment. 

The cost to the University each year for this unsanctioned run is about $15,000. This includes repairing damage to campus property,
paying for extra security and police support and clean-up. Because BARE is not sanctioned and no student organization is sponsoring it,
the University is left to pay these expenses. This means your tuition and fee dollars ultimately pay these costs. 

Participants are photographed and videoed by onlookers and other participants, and these images can live forever on the Internet.

But the most serious issue is safety. Extra security and police support will be present because of real concerns about potential
sexual and physical misconduct and other negative behaviors during and after the run. Many participants risk being negatively impacted by the
actions of others. Law enforcement will intervene if there is any criminal activity. This includes any incidents of groping or
inappropriate touching during, before and after the run. 

The University cares about each and every one of you, and we want you to finish the semester in a positive way. If you experience any form
of unwanted sexual touching any time, on or off campus, CSU has confidential resources through the 24-hour Victim Assistance Team at
(970) 492-4242. Call 911 if you believe you or another person are in danger. It is never okay to touch someone without his or her clear
consent and such conduct will be addressed by CSU. 

CSU police will disperse any crowd that assembles on campus following BARE. Students who are dressed inappropriately and who are off campus,
including on Laurel Street or any other streets surrounding campus, will be subject to interactions with Fort Collins Police. 

BARE tarnishes the University's reputation and puts participants at risk. Please be respectful of the University and our Fort Collins
community and choose not to participate in this event. 

Thank you,
Public Safety Team and
Jody Donovan, Dean of Students