LTTE: ASCSU senators condemn Sydoriak’s cabinet for corruptive practices

Guest Author

An Open Letter for the Executive Branch of ASCSU

By: The Conservative Interest Group


To the students, faculty, and staff of Colorado State University,

We, concerned students of Colorado State University, uniformly object to the demeaning, corrupt, and prosecutorial tactics that President Sydoriak and his cabinet members have used to push forward their political agenda. They have displayed public disrespect toward us, our colleagues, and the CSU Administration as a whole. Throughout the term of the current ASCSU Administration, we have witnessed unjustified, disparate, and altogether preposterous judicial reviews, hostile behavior, insults, intimidation, and impeachment attempts. Frankly, we are disappointed.

We condemn the current request for a judicial review of the Pineda Soraca-Lensky Campaign. What is happening to Daniela Pineda Soraca and Mike Lensky right now is a perfect example of how President Sydoriak and the rest of his associates in ASCSU react when they do not get their way. It was to no surprise that Daniela and Mike were placed under judicial review immediately after they defeated two of Jason’s confidants and election results went public.

Sydoriak, Colorado State University’s current student body president, began the 2015- 2016 academic year with a malicious removal bill targeted at Peter James Seel; speaker pro tempore of the ASCSU Senate. The bill’s authorship was then surreptitiously transferred to Vice President Phoenix Dugger in a cowardly attempt to avoid personal disclosure. Thankfully the Legislative Branch united against this corrupt behavior in order to protect this democratically elected leader from such an ill-intentioned political maneuver.

In addition, we have endured judicial reviews targeting us for not voting in accordance with the wishes of the executive branch. The ASCSU leadership and advisors possess an intolerance for students who think, speak, and vote differently than themselves. Unconstitutional attacks continue to challenge freedom of speech and liberty of thought at Colorado State University. While 10 senators were dealing with countless cases of harassment (both sexual and verbal), verbal threats, physical threats, and potential impeachments, the majority of the executive branch openly kindled the flames of divisiveness with blatant hostility.

That being said, we as legislators united to honor the will and vote of the student body by pledging our support behind Daniela and Mike during this time of intimidation. It is time for the legislative branch to step in and protect the integrity of the democratic election process; a process that the executive branch, even in its lame duck period, has continued to abuse and hold in contempt of their own misguided self-interest. This attitude and approach of entitlement and privilege needs to be checked. It has no place in this organization or at this institution. If the judicial branch interprets the constitution in a way that disqualifies a campaign that won by a majority, a disservice would be done to the students of Colorado State University…


Members of the Conservative Interest Group:

Senator Caro

Senator Bruce


Senator Rodenbaugh

Senator Ortelli

Senator Griffin

Senator Gregory

Senator Holohan

Senator Dicharry

Senator Horowitz

Senator Prochazka

Associate Senator Wright

Associate Senator McCarthy

Former Senator Laffey