ASCSU president discusses winter crackdown on U+2 ordinance

Guest Author

Winter is Coming: City of Fort Collins to punish violators of U + 2 in Avery Park

By Jason Sydoriak, ASCSU president


Since the 1960s, there has been a chilling specter hanging over the city of Fort Collins. A specter that possesses those who largely put forward an effort to do good to ultimately break an archaic law. And now as the colder months come upon us, the city plans to proactively punish students who may be in violation of U+2 within the neighborhood of Avery Park. These are our peers and friends who are only trying to make ends meet within the parameters set by a community more concerned about this city’s perception rather than our most vulnerable. Without action, they may be without homes in the coldest months of winter.

The U+2 ordinance’s presence has mostly impacted the most fragmented of voters since 2006. It has eroded at the very confidence of the young insomuch as their engagement and contributions to government and community have ultimately been futile. It not only impairs our educational experience, but also the opportunity to be citizens in the fullest extent of contributing to definition of this city. The city has not taken their concerns seriously and now students have to cower in their homes, hoping that a surveying government doesn’t find them out for a harmless deed.

When I first came into office, I wrote a letter to students discussing a concept known as the social aspiration gap — that there lies a gap between the aspirations we have for the society we want to live in and the trajectory on which current attitudes places us on. Here at ASCSU, we have been devoting a great deal of time developing an initiative to place on the ballot for 2017, so that in the end, this archaic law, this specter, is repelled democratically. It’s up to our generation to realign this trajectory toward a vision that reflects the best wishes of all individuals.

Ultimately, this is about changing institutions. To have them reflect on the course culture is being propelled toward. We need a city that embodies its ideals and creates the foundation for an ever-changing generation so that students feel at home, despite the many miles they are willing to accrue in order to leave their mark on this world.

This is not just an attempt to get what we want, but also a declaration of a generation that our chance to define our lives and the society that they are a part of will not unfold decades from now, but in the very moment we stand. So please stand in solidarity with your fellow students of Avery Park. Engage with our offices on your concerns over U+2 by writing letters of how you feel it is an impact. But, most importantly, please register to vote in the City of Fort Collins. When 2017 comes, we will need the student voice more than ever.