LTTE: Turning south on Shields is a traffic hazard

Guest Author

Turning South on Shields is a traffic hazard

By Holmes Rolston, University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy


As a result of the new stadium construction blocking Meridian Avenue south to Prospect, anyone who leaves the Library Parking Lot has to drive west to Shields, either on Pitkin Street, or on the newly westward opened South Drive. But neither of these permits a turn south on Shields. So drivers are forced to turn north and then figure a way to do a U turn in a busy area. This is both inconvenient and dangerous. It affects hundreds of drivers each day. Just yesterday I did that and four other drivers were doing the same thing.

 One easy solution would be to open up Meridian Avenue north where it runs along the Moby field. This has been closed for a couple years, supposedly for construction, which is now long over. Then drivers could drive north to Plum, and then west to Shields, where they could turn south onto Shields at a light. Buses and authorized traffic use it all the time. This would be an easy fix.

 I have called this to the attention of Facilities Management more than once. They are polite enough in their replies, but so far have taken no action. They say opening Meridian might risk the safety of pedestrian and bike traffic in that area. Meanwhile they do not mind risking the safety of hundreds of drivers finagling U turns to go south on Shields. They say they have considered a temporary road to the west of the construction fence along the stadium site, connecting Lake and Pitkin. But nothing seems to be happening.

 This problem needs to be addressed and solved soon for the safety of CSU students and faculty.