Presidential election to go up in smoke

Kendall McElhaney

Kendall McElhaney

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you have probably already been hearing about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election, even though it’s still 18 months out. Though voting won’t be until Nov. 8 of next year, Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton’s campaign is in full swing, while the Republican Party’s mad scramble to find a front runner is building momentum. But the real hot topic is on a political up-and-comer who has his sights focused on changing the game entirely.

Atlanta-born rapper and entrepreneur, Juaquin James Malphurs, better known as Waka Flocka Flame, has announced that he will be running for office in the upcoming presidential election. With hope in his heart and smoke in his lungs, Flame, who is a just 28 years old, is seven years short of the minimum age requirement. But to Flame, age is just a number. It surely hasn’t stopped him from releasing two campaign videos in collaboration with Rolling Stone Magazine. The first video outlines that he will immediately legalize marijuana, ban dogs in restaurants, and impose harsh restrictions on individuals with big feet. He also discusses innovative new policy proposals on education, jobs, Congressional reform and more. In his second campaign video, Flame took his bid to the streets of New York City, introducing himself to his fellow Americans and seeking their signatures on a petition to get him on the ballot in 2016. Flame decreed his bid for the 2016 presidency in a 2012 tweet to his millions of followers, with DJ Whoo Kid as his running mate. The duo are ready and willing to take on the task if the American people are ready for change. Flame has had four years to prepare for this endeavor. He’s vocal. He’s eager. He’s hungry. He’s got the munchies that this country needs.


I think it’s time America tries something a little different, something a little more “liberal.” I’m not talking about liberal in a political sense, because I am sure we will see our fair share of liberal candidates willingly pop up and shy away in the coming months. I am talking about the kind of liberal your grandmother warned you about. The kind that makes you a little queasy, but also feel a little rebellious, like when you’re on a the edge of genius and disaster.

Personally, I really like this push for our mainstream icons to move into the political sector. Maybe this candidacy announcement will encourage others to take the same plunge into more active roles. Wiz Khalifa would make a phenomenal secretary of treasury because he has a lot of previous experience handling large amounts of money that isn’t his. Gucci Mane would make a great joint chiefs of staff, and it’s not just because the name fits. The joint chiefs typically watches over all of the United States’ military complex, something that Mane could definitely do well after running multiple successful trap houses.

I also believe this a great time for a rap/politics cross over. Run DMC and Areosmith exquisitely and effortlessly collided the two worlds of rock and rap with their song Walk This Way. Who’s to say that this same collaboration between rap and politics couldn’t result in another one-hit wonder? Think about it: who could rap about oppression and social injustices better than one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsberg? I’m seeing it now — The Notorious R.B.G. dropping the sickest album of 2k16. This is going to be a great year for change.

If Flame’s announcement for presidency is any indication that we are finally making some progress to get all of the old white men out of government, then I say “look ma, no hands.” He’s got my viz-ote.

Collegian Columnist Kendall McElhaney can be reached at or on Twitter @kendallaftrdark.