LTTE: Response to Sam Block

Kwon Yearby

In response to the letter to the editor written by Sam Block, I must say that I am shocked that she would try to insinuate that I lied at any time about my position or involvement in the creation of the on-campus shuttle and, further, to use this insinuation to persuade voters.

To be clear, I first heard about the proposition from the Nigel Daniels Administration. I was against it, as was Nigel himself. I then, however, polled students in my classes and student organizations about the project. These students changed my mind given their overwhelming support.


However, I still did not agree with the route but went forward to recommend the shuttle. Miss Block knows very well that Senate and the Executive often work parallel to accomplish goals like the shuttle. It is no question that, as the Director of Sustainability, she played a pivotal role. Still it is also no question that I led the charge in Senate by recommending the shuttle as well as requesting information from Aaron Fodge, CSU’s Transportation Manger, and speaking with him personally. If I remember correctly, Mr. Fodge and Miss Block, along with other members of the executive branch, thanked me for writing the legislation so that it could be more possible to make the shuttle happen.

I, again, have only stated that I wrote the original recommendation for the on-campus shuttle. In that recommendation, I described and drew out a route that better served the campus, and as president I would make an effort to adjust the route accordingly.

Despite Miss Block’s comments about the feasibility of the expansion or the possibility of the change, I fully believe it is possible. The buses are already on campus, the roads are already paved, and the students already pay for it. The students have the power to govern themselves and change what they see fit. It is time to believe in ourselves. It is time to make change. It is time to Fight On!

Kwon Yearby
ASCSU Presidential Candidate

Editor’s note: The original Senate legislation to which Yearby and Block refer can be viewed here. The amended legislation can be viewed here.

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