We are changing Our View

Collegian Staff

In recent discussions, the Editorial Board decided that it’s time for a change. Our View, the daily column sharing our stance on a variety of issues, no longer serves readers as it should, and we have decided a new format is in order. Our View will still appear, but only when the Editorial Board deems an issue important enough to our campus community for us to weigh in.

In it’s place, we are happy to announce that starting next week, we will begin a new daily feature called “Bravo and Gotta Go.” This is our take on a feature the Collegian published a few years ago called “Yays and Nays.” Each day we will present our opinions, in positive and negative snippets, on things that are happening at CSU, in Fort Collins, around the nation and around the world. This format allows us more freedom to discuss a variety of topics and provide sometimes silly, sometimes serious commentary on the news of the day.


Our newsroom discussions always revolve around how to best serve you, our readers, and this discussion was no different. We hope you enjoy this new format and look forward to your feedback. Tell us what you think by sending an email to letters@collegian.com or tweeting @CollegianC.