Our View: Complain about CSU parking, or do something about it

Collegian Staff

Whether you’re a student, faculty member or administrator, everyone can all agree parking on campus is becoming nearly impossible. Freshmen can not find places to park next to their dorms, upperclassmen and faculty cannot find parking despite paying $292-$317 for parking passes and now, Fort Collins is extending their Residential Permit Program.

The city is taking measures to ensure residents in the neighborhoods bordering the University have access to parking outside their homes, which eliminates further parking possibilities for commuters. We agree that people living in these bordering neighborhoods should be able to have the street parking available to them, but CSU is still predominently a commuter campus and not having parking accessable is a continuing problem.


While it is easy to place blame on the University for eliminating parking spaces or the city for eliminating parking availability in the surrounding neighborhoods, we can also take action of our own.

The MAX transit system has busses running every 10 minutes and has stops from South Fort Collins all the way to Old Town. We also live in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. CSU is continuing to work on becoming more accessable to bikers and Fort Collins even implemented a bike library program.

We can complain about the decreasing parking options, or we can take advantage of excellent alternatives that CSU and the City of Fort Collins have worked to implement for our convenience.