Our View: Participate in tuition discussions for next year

Collegian Staff

Colorado State University Provost and Vice President Rick Miranda presented the first draft of the University’s 2015/16 budget to ASCSU senate Wednesday night. In this initial draft, a 6 percent tuition increase was proposed for resident undergraduates, a 4 percent increase for non-resident undergraduates and a 3 percent increase for resident and non-resident graduate students.

For resident undergraduates taking a normal course load of 15 credits, this would mean paying $300 more a semester. We encourage CSU students to pay attention to these numbers and participate in all budget discussions that are open to the public. Tuition increases impact every student, and it is important to be a part of the discussion. Our campus has placed an admirable amount of energy lately protesting events like police brutality and rape culture, and while its important to be an active citizen, it’s also important to be an active CSU student.


Issues like tuition increases, teacher salaries and state higher education funding impact us here at home, and we should be aware when changes happen. Too often, we have seen little student input into issues that have a substantial effect on us. At the last Board of Governors meeting, only one CSU student came to voice her opinion on the on-campus stadium, even though many more students have constructive views that they could share.

These things affect us Rams, so speak up.