The first month of Christmas is upon us, get on board

Cassie Maack

The day of Halloween, I went to buy a costume. The costumes were already being replaced by red and green and glitter. Although I was not super thrilled by the horrendous wig I bought as a result of the Halloween massacre committed by Christmas, the sight of the hanging house lights all boxed up brought light into my life. I knew that, as usual, Target and I were in the same page — it is now time for Christmas: Month One.

Many fight it, saying that it is too soon. But let me ask you this: how can it be too soon for Christmas, but not too soon for Ebola jokes and Ebola Halloween costumes?


The holiday season means happiness, and it is never a bad time for happiness.

Maybe Thanksgiving has not happened yet, but Christmas still requires our undivided attention. How much does one really prepare for Thanksgiving? If you need to google a recipe for potato casserole, the answer appears in seconds. If you are hosting the feast, it may take a little longer. Otherwise, the preparation is minutes.

Although I am a full supporter of the planned binge-eating, I also participate in unplanned binge-eating daily, making such a feast ordinary. Thus, I choose to skip the Thanksgiving preparations and begin with Christmas.

I know I am not alone in my Christmas love, but also know the opposition is strong. The idea of this early Christmas can be unsettling for some, which is why one must ease their Grinch-y friends into the spirit of the season. It is like caressing your friend’s foot and dipping their toes into a cold pool before you shove them in. It is the considerate way of doing things.

Start with a Christmas-colored sweater, then move to the Christmas episode of “Friends,” begin to hang lights and so on. The subliminal messaging will either allow your friends to join in the celebration or create a sufficient amount of anger within them. Either way, you will be free to come out of the Christmas-lovers closet. And then you may feel free to sing Christmas carols openly as you eat Panda Express in the LSC.

I am also a firm believer in equality, and if Hallmark and Lifetime can begin celebrating, I should not be Christmas-shamed for doing the same. I should not have to be so mainstream as to wait for ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas.”

Reindeer, lights, elves, caroling and oh-so-much love. Look no further than Ol’ Saint Nicholas himself. In our normal society, his large figure would be shamed, but, in the spirit of the holiday season, the subtle jiggling of his belly is celebrated, just as everyone deserves to regularly be.

As I watch “Elf” and set out singing Christmas figurines, I no longer want to hear the groans of the haters. My celebration begins on Christmas: Month One, because I simply cannot get enough of the holiday season.

I invite everyone to bring along their seasonal hot chocolate mugs and do the same.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a happy first month of Christmas.


Collegian A&E Writer Cassie Maack does indeed want to build a snowman and can be reached at or on Twitter @maackcl.