Our view: ASCSU, open your doors

The Collegian

Wednesday night the Associated Students of CSU initiated impeachment proceedings against Sen. Kwon Yearby. The Senate moved for an executive session that was not open to the media or public. Members of the Collegian staff remained in the meeting and cited the Colorado Sunshine Law, which states any governmental meeting is open to the public.

ASCSU Vice President Lance Li Puma urged Collegian members to leave, however the members remained in the Senate Chambers and the Senate took 45 minutes of recess to give time for legal consultation on the matter. Members of the Collegian left before police intervention was necessary.


In the history of ASCSU, no senator has ever been formally impeached, and students deserve to have the same information as the people in the executive session. The Collegian stood on principal — we believe that the impeachment proceedings of an ASCSU official who represents members of the student body should be transparent. Students and the CSU community should be able to know what happens among their student leaders, especially in this historic instance.

We have a great amount of respect for members of ASCSU and the work they do to fight for students and champion their causes. However, closed-door sessions such as this do just the opposite. Our gesture of defiance was not meant in ill will — it was meant to serve students and keep them informed, just as ASCSU strives to do.