Our View: Plagiarism, it’s not worth it

Collegian Staff

Plagiarism was the most common type of academic misconduct at Colorado State University in the 2012-2013 academic year. A total of 325 cases were reported and 131 made it to Conflict Resolution Services.

Rams, this needs to stop. We are making an investment to attend this University, and many are not as privileged to do so. If you are paying to go to class, why not do the work that comes with it? Why waste your potential on something as minor as writing a paper?


CSU has resources for students who struggle with writing, the TILT building and the Writing Center to name a few. Professors have office hours for a reason, and are often more than willing to help a student with their assignments. We understand the desperation of the night before an assignment is due, but even in those cases, getting a poor grade is better than getting kicked out of school or losing your job.

The penalty for plagiarizing at the University is less than committing the crime in the real world, but you could be caught for a stupid mistake in college much later on. And just because you’re not caught the first time, doesn’t mean that you won’t be in the future.

Getting away with plagiarism is a slippery slope and could lead to bigger problems in the future. Doing poorly on a paper is better than getting kicked out of school, or losing your job. Cheating is never worth it. It’s a waste of resources and potential.