Our View: Laverne Cox and Michelle Obama visit Colorado State this week

The Collegian

This week Colorado State University will be hosting speeches by two of the most influential women in America: Michelle Obama and Laverne Cox.

CSU is incredibly lucky to be visited by these women. Obama, in addition to being our First Lady, is an alumna of both Princeton University and Harvard Law School and is a gifted public servant. Obama has been a strong advocate for “Let’s Move,” a campaign to raise a healthier generation of children. Cox, the first transgender woman of color to star in a mainstream TV show on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,”  is an advocate for human rights and equality and is a renowned public speaker.


Both women have established themselves as incomparable trailblazers, speaking out on issues they are passionate about, including health issues, education and bullying.

Many issues they champion are on the ballot this year. Proposition 105, if passed, will revolutionize the food industry, forcing food manufacturers and producers to label GMOs in their food. Amendment 67 will define personhood and affect the abortion and contraceptive debate. These are just two initiatives on the Colorado ballot and voting started this week. As we celebrate these remarkable role models, let’s emulate them and fight for what we believe in too.