Our View: What we want Tony Frank to discuss at his fall address

Collegian Staff

Tony Frank presents his Fall Address to faculty and students in the Oval Wednesday Afternoon. This was Frank's 14th address at CSU.
Tony Frank presents his fall address to faculty and students at the Oval in 2013. This was Frank’s 14th address at CSU.

Colorado State University President Tony Frank will be delivering his annual fall address Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. on the Oval, and we encourage all students to attend and hear Frank discuss current issues at the University. We at the Collegian believe that Frank should discuss a few key issues that are on the minds of many students: one, the on-campus stadium. With the recent termination of Jack Graham, and the fact that Frank’s funds for the stadium are questionable, rumors have been spreading about whether the stadium project will continue or not. We would like a straight answer from Frank either way. Second, we would like Frank to address on-campus construction, and particularly what is going on with the Eddy building. Eddy’s construction has displaced CSU professors, many of whom are not too happy about it. We hope that Frank will mention Eddy and the issues surrounding teacher displacement. Finally, as always, we would like Frank to say something about rising tuition costs. Though tuition only rose by 5 percent last year, which is lower than previous years, the future of tuition costs is still uncertain and the student body deserves to know the status of University funding.