Don’t worry about the top 100

In a recent Gallup poll, it was found that the well-being of the average college student didn’t differ too highly from that of a graduate from a top 100 school. This means that attending an Ivy League university or another ranked in the top 100 has very little effect on our well-being.

It’s OK that we aren’t currently at Harvard, or Princeton, or Yale. When we graduate, we have just as much of an opportunity to be just as well off as those that currently attend those schools. Sure, part of the experience is what school you attend, but the greatest predictor of outcomes post graduation is the effort that you put into it.


If you work hard and continue to work hard after you walk that aisle, your success has little to do with how prestigious your education was. Your well-being is dependent upon the work that you are willing to put forth to make yourself well, and not on how hard it was to be accepted to the school you attended.

Our buffalo friends over in Boulder and our engineering friends over at Mines are both ranking in the top 100, and it’s great that Colorado schools are making the cut. Bu,t just because we are currently ranked 121 doesn’t make us any less than, or lacking in any way. Probability states that we will be just as well in life, and that is something to be proud of.