Things that just shouldn’t work, but do

There is such a thing as a concrete canoe, a concept so oxymoronic it seems to defy logic. And yet, somehow it works. This is true for everyday things, which got us thinking …

Things that just shouldn’t work, but do:


Degrees: It’s just a flimsy little piece of paper symbolizing hours of hard work (or pure luck), and inside most graduates heads they still have no idea what they’re doing, and yet somehow it helps you get jobs (supposedly).

Planes: Incredibly heavy hunks of metal that have two little wings and some moveable flaps, and somehow they take flight. It doesn’t make sense, and yet they work (unless you’re Malaysia air, apparently).

College students: Hopped up on incredible amounts of caffeine and sometimes Adderall, we get no sleep, drink and smoke our way to walking across the graduation stage. Someone please explain that.