Our View: Remember the tornado victims next door, CSU

Tornadoes have been plaguing our nation and leaving tragedies of various sorts in their wake. The casualties are climbing, and hundreds of people have lost their homes. Although here in Fort Collins we don’t have to worry about tornadoes all that often, those that have lost their lives and their way of life deserve to be remembered.

Don’t get caught up in the bubble of campus and stop caring about the travesties that are happening across the nation. We know that it can be hard to get lost in the overwhelming tasks of exam prep and finals and figuring out the rest of the semester, but these natural disasters speak to the fact that life extends beyond school.


Being a full-time student can be one of the most stressful jobs that we will come across. But, there are other things happening in this nation that are far worse than finals. In the grand scheme of things, there are remedies for grades that are worse than what you were shooting for; in 10 years, you won’t remember what you got on that final.

But, there are people in the South right now who have to figure out how to rebuild their entire lives, provided that they are lucky enough to survive. Keep them in your thoughts; if you are financially able, consider donating. But, most importantly, keep these people in your thoughts. Perspective can work wonders.