Our View: With election over, hold the new ASCSU accountable

Wednesday night, the student government elections committee announced the winners of the Associated Students of CSU Presidential Election: Samantha Guinn and Lance Li Puma. It is a fantastic opportunity to be student body president and vice president and we truly hope that they make the most of this experience.

With the election done and over and all of the excitement dissipating, this is the time that we need to remember the initiatives that were thrown in our faces for the past couple weeks. There were promises that were made  and these are promises that need to be kept.


As the student body, we want to be kept in the loop. We want to know what measures are being taken to act upon these initiatives. Just because Guinn and Li Puma have the titles of president and vice president, doesn’t mean that the accountability stops there.

We need to have them hold true to the things they campaigned upon. We don’t want the normal curse of politics to creep in and in the end have nothing done. Make this election different. Make this presidential set different than what we’ve been seeing in the past. Make more students aware of ASCSU and what they actually do to try and make a difference to the student body.

Sam Guinn and Lance Li Puma: we hope to see great things from you.