Our View: Learn from riots, Rams

Last April, there was an 800-person riot and a man that was accused of leading it was arrested and recently jailed. This weekend, another riot occurred, proving that there are some slow learners here on campus.

Sure, this one was smaller –– only around 200 people jumping on cars and making fools of themselves. And no tear gas was used this time. But those are the only decent things that we have to say about this incident and the after effects.


This is how the CSU community is perceived to those that don’t know Fort Collins or what it means to be a Ram. Ironically, people at the riot were chanting, “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram,” but if throwing beer bottles and rocks at police is what they mean by that, count us out.

Another chant was “F**k CU” –– a common rallying cry at sporting events we’re facing the Buffs, but that is where this chant should be kept. You don’t see CU in the news for riots in two consecutive years, so who’s the “party school” here?

The student body should have learned from the riot last year –– this doesn’t make us look good, and it’s unfortunate that a small population of students is calling all of our reputations here at CSU into question.

If you didn’t learn from the last one, learn from this one so that this doesn’t happen again.