Letter to the Editor: Catholicism

I expected this. Despite the braying about tolerance, a non-Catholic Collegian opinion columnist has warped Pope Francis’s words and hypocritically passed judgment on the Catholic Church and, by extension, all faithful Catholics.

I’m happy that Mr. Stecker recognizes the Holy Father’s stance of poverty and humility. It deserves applause. What disgusts me is that he twisted the “Who am I to judge?” quote to suit his wishful thinking.


As those who actually pay attention know, Pope Francis merely reaffirmed existing Church doctrine: that there’s nothing evil about being homosexual and that is doesn’t deprive you of status as an equal human being, yet God’s commandments against homosexual sexual activity and other unchaste behavior still hold. Nothing has changed. It’s tolerant and a consistent application of our beliefs, not that critics bother with understanding us.

Mr Stecker, like so many others, ripped the words out of context. He invented an endorsement to declare that the Church is now “moving into the 21st century of social acceptance”. This implies the Church – including Pope Francis – is backwards and intolerant because we uphold our true beliefs, all because we refuse to blindly follow popular culture in matters of sex.

Pope Francis should be applauded for whom he is, not whom wishful thinkers pretend he is.

Food for thought: if the Church is so backwards and intolerant, why are people so desperate for the approval of the Holy Father, its staunchest defender, that they will rip his words out of context to get it?

Cole Buckton


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