CSU looks beyond CO

CSU students have begun an international club here that focuses on issues that are happening outside of the US, and reminds students that our focus can extend well beyond our borders. Speakers and events that are put on by this club remind campus of world issues that we, as students, have a tendency to simply gloss over.

With midterms coming up and grades hanging precariously in the balance, campus is consumed with Scantrons and calculations and prayers to any deity that will listen about exams. We get so consumed, in fact, that we live in our bubble and can forget that there are so many other things happening that have nothing to do with our class scores. It is great that there is a club here that can remind the CSU populace that there are things happening worldwide that have a much greater impact than us doing less-than-acceptable on an exam.


In five years, chances are very high that it’s not going to matter how you did on these midterms. But what is happening in Syria and Ukraine and outside of the great 50 will have an impact far beyond our years. That kind of perspective is necessary for us to have, because failing an exam is not, in fact, the end of this world. There are some issues out there, though, that are ending other’s worlds. Take notice, CSU.