Letter to the editor

In the Jan. 30th edition of the RMC an advice column ran responding to a student’s concern regarding representations of sexuality and unwelcome sexual advances made to him by a stranger. Beyond the grossly misinformed presentation of sexual and gendered stereotypes, the Rams Rede advice was actually extremely appalling: the author of the letter was clearly distressed over an instance of non-consensual sexual touching from a stranger and the Collegian’s advice was to take the unwelcome advances as a compliment and to not only allow this form of touching, but to embrace it.

Let me make this very clear: Sexual touching that lacks consent is ALWAYS sexual assault. Sexual assault is NEVER OK. I repeat, SEXUAL ASSAULT IS NEVER OK.


Not only have you advised this student to accept his assault as all right, you have advised that student to have gratitude towards that fact. This is inexcusable.

Your advice should have generally supported the writer to be comfortable with his own sexual identity (both on his own and when out with others), inform him that his assault was not his fault and the result of absolutely unacceptable behavior from the individual who assaulted him, and given him resources should he feel the need for assistance in coping with his assault. The WGAC gives support for victims of sexual assault, is located at 112 Student Services, and has a 24-hour sexual assault hotline at (970) 492-4242. Should he need counseling, his student fees pay for five therapy sessions this semester and an appointment can be made through the CSU Health Network at 123 Aylesworth NW or by calling (970) 491-6053.