Letter to the Editor: A response to Zane Womeldorph

Several places in the Oct. 28th article by Zane Womeldorph emphasize the largely undecided population (well over 50 percent) in the area of abortion. While these remarks are true, Zane contradicts himself in the article by saying the pro-choice and (more appropriately named) anti-choice movements are comparable to the genocide vs. Jesus debate. This comparison equates pro-choice ideals to a pro-abortion mentality that doesn’t exist anywhere.

A moderate society is exactly what the pro-choice movement allows for and the anti-choice movement does not. The beauty of pro-choice is that you can label yourself however you want and it still fits: whether it is pro-woman’s-life or pro-sticky-pile-of-goo-in-a-uterus-life, pro-choice allows for a broad spectrum where the traditional sense of “Pro-Life” does not. Pro-life leaves the issue as matters of right and wrong meant to trivialize and shame women for their decisions about their body.


This shame and trivialization that many women feel for getting an abortion is exactly what the 1 in 3 Campaign that Student’s United for Reproductive Justice is participating in aims to destroy. The campaign is actually a story-telling medium that explains the complexities of the situations. The campaign is all about the moderate. The slogan “These are our stories”  takes into account the stories of difficult and nuanced decisions of women. I would recommend our bilateral thinking author read up on 1 in 3 given his idea that all of us “extremists” hate the “despicable moderate.”

Kira Mazzola is a junior sociology major and president of Student’s United for Reproductive Justice.