CSU volleyball is the real deal

101613-VolleyballPortrait_DLThe 2013 CSU volleyball team has been through it all. Well, almost all.

The Rams have seen the good and the bad that all Division I volleyball teams experience throughout the course of a typical season — except for having to deal with walking away from the court with a loss. CSU continues to win week in and week out on a basis that is as regular as clockwork, bringing home multiple victories every week to add to its stockpile.


Their success has now landed the Rams in the record books, as this year’s squad goes down as the best-ever to begin the season, now sitting 21-0 as the only undefeated team in the country alongside the University of Missouri.

CSU has gotten to the point where it is tasked with coming up with new ways to win. Instead of thinking about records or streaks, the Rams take every match on a game-to-game basis and it has proven to be incredibly effective. The Rams gave their fans a scare over the weekend after putting themselves in a situation they had yet to see since 2011.

On the road at Utah State, CSU faced the possibility of defeat after dropping the first two sets of the match. Climbing back from such a deficit hadn’t been done by any Colorado State team since the 2011 squad shocked the world with an upset over Nebraska that gave true meaning to the term “Moby Magic,” and the Rams revisited those feelings on Saturday.

So much for that “rebuilding” year head coach Tom Hilbert was expecting before the season began.