Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on 2A

You may have seen the slick commercials starring politician-turned-oil-and-gas-mouthpiece Ray Martinez.

Against a picture perfect landscape, young and attractive actors tell viewers about a fictitious “energy plan” that will be halted, if voters in Fort Collins and Broomfield approve citizen-initiated moratoriums concerning fracking within their cities.


Martinez musters all the conviction he can in maintaining that a moratorium is a ban on energy. Goodness me, Ray, what will we do without energy?

The Fort Collins Energy Alliance, the political action committee behind the misinformation campaign, is bankrolled by corporate donations from oil and gas companies — $250,000+ to date.

Yes, the Goliath’s of industry hope their big bucks will drown out the voices of your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens, who invested their time, and modest donations, to get Question 2A on the ballot.

When a billion dollar industry takes on the citizens of your community, do you believe their phony ads?

Do you trust the folks who have given voters a chance to vote on a moratorium, or the toxic industry that wants to quash the facts?

Do you believe that the fracking landscape will be as rosy as the propaganda portrays, or that there may be serious impacts to public health, property values, natural resources and quality of life? Fort Collins voters are consistently well informed and able to sort fact from fiction. But Question 2A is not a lock.

Vote YES on 2A. Ask your friends, neighbors and family members to do the same.

Karen Wagner is a Fort Collins resident