Letter to the Editor — Vote Yes For Kids

I still remember how proud I was the day I learned to play hot cross buns on the recorder. Although it was no Mozart recital, as a fourth grader I thought I was the bee’s knees. I was sure that nowhere across the entire state was there anyone who could make that $5 piece of plastic sing like I could. This exposure to music led me to join band in middle school, and I proudly became the percussion section leader my eighth grade year, a prestigious accomplishment I must say. Okay, so maybe that title isn’t exactly resume-worthy, but I know that my involvement in music throughout elementary school (I was also in the honor choir) was a defining aspect of that chapter of my life.

Unfortunately, many current Colorado students don’t have the same opportunities we had in elementary school. As the budget for P-12 education has dropped about $1 billion from 2008 to 2012, many schools aren’t able to fund music classes, as well as gym and art. Not to mention class sizes have been increasing, so kids really aren’t getting the one-on-one attention they need. Maybe this sounds awful to you; it sure does to me. No precious finger paintings to hang on the fridge, and one struggling teacher trying to control thirty second-graders with minimal attention spans. There’s something you can do about it though, vote yes on Amendment 66. You can register and vote on the same day; do it before Nov. 5.

Liz Coker is an RA in Newsom Hall, and a junior human development and family studies major.