You’re free to feel like crap

Whine. Moan. And do it with sweet abandon. It’s finals week at CSU and no one can expect you to be happy. Those people can go to hell.

But sometime in between stress eating and scowling at the floor, if only for a second, picture someone who has it a lot worse than you. No, not that one guy who has a 7:30 a.m. final on Friday. Someone with real problems.


In the time it takes you to read this sentence, 11 kids under age five will die from preventable diseases, six kids will die from starvation, one kid will be sold into sex slavery and another will be born with HIV/AIDS. In 30 more seconds, those numbers combined will total 38, which is roughly enough to fill an average classroom on campus. In 12 hours, the total will be more than 27,000, which is about the size of CSU’s entire student body.

Finals week is nothing.

Keep this perspective. It’s not going to make you into a good person who’s happy to take tests –– but it will keep you from turning into a bad person who gets overly dramatic about them.

And right now, that’s enough.

Whine. Moan. And do it with sweet abandon. But remember that it means you’re safe enough to afford worrying about things like college finals, when millions of other kids won’t even make it past their fifth birthday this year.