’Tis the season to shop local

People waited in lines outside of Best Buys and other retail stores through frigid fall nights for days, camping out in anticipation of Black Friday. The shiniest new goods on the shelf and mythical deals drove mobs of people to shopping strips, it was rampant aggressive consumerism at its finest.

If you didn’t want to brave the potential dangers of Black Friday, today is Cyber Monday, where you can virtually splurge on all those gifts you forsook on Friday.


In Fort Collins on Friday, however, a much different feeling was in the air. A different type of shopping fever was taking hold, but over the hearts and minds of Fort Collins residents, rather than their eyes. The cause? Plaid Friday.

On Plaid Friday, rather than Black Friday, you wear plaid to Fort Collins’ great local independent businesses in return for great deals and free goodies from various establishments.

Apart from the sales, it was an amazing opportunity to share in some of the local flavor of Fort Collins and come together with other members of the community.

More importantly, it was a great way to raise awareness of all the great local businesses that are close and truly have quality products. And with everything you buy, your money is directly going to neighbors and friends in your immediate vicinity.

Get into the real spirit of the season; support local independent businesses.