Things to do to get you out of being mind-numbingly bored

I think everyone has had just about enough political rhetoric to last them for four years. We’re all pretty much going into zombie mode around this time (literally and figuratively) so I’ve decided to share things which I think will help you ease the monotony of this point of the semester.

Option 1: People watch. Yes I know this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but seriously, with Halloween being celebrated all week and the general crazies we have in Fort Collins, this is a really fun way to pass the time.


On Halloween I was able to see a man dressed as a woman — and I don’t think it was a costume — a complete panda suit, a girl with big white wings which she flapped around consistently and a veritable wonderland of scantily clad women.

This option has merit beyond the Halloween season, go to Wal-Mart with a friend at any hour — you’ll see things you wish you hadn’t.

Option 2: Get into a new television series. Seriously, nothing soaks up the time better and gives you something to look forward to than a new favorite T.V. show.

If you have Netflix, you’re in serious luck as you can watch hundreds of hours of fantastic television for cheap. If you don’t have Netflix… well, then you are seriously missing out.

And if you do not have any shows that you’re currently into, I have numerous suggestions. “Stargate SG-1,” “Firefly,” “The Walking Dead,” “Lost,” “Game of Thrones,
“Sanctuary”, “Highlander” and the “X-Files” are all excellent shows with hours of visual goodness to be had.

If you like something other than the science fiction/fantasy genre, I cannot help you. But you’re more than welcome to convert.

Option 3: Sit in front of your computer for hours clicking the random article button on Wikipedia and reading the entire thing.

Yeah. I have no life.

Option 4: Date night!
If you have a significant other, now is the perfect time to take them out on a fancy date. Both of you are likely getting crushed by this semester, and now is the perfect time to pick up what’s left of yourselves and show the other you really care, nothing would brighten your spirits more!

If you don’t have an “other” well then that is okay too, because now’s the perfect time to approach that person you’ve always had your eye on. They’ll be like most college students and be living off of ramen, so offering them dinner at Red Lobster should win you considerable consideration — even if you are not Zac Efron/Reese Witherspoon.


Option 5: If you want to have a bit of fun with people, walk into the middle of a crowded area and start yelling “There! In the Sky! Look!” this may produce just one or two bewildered looks, but with a few friends it can cause a lot of neck turning and snickering for you and your pals.

Option 6: If you really want to do something beneficial, you can also always volunteer with one of the numerous organizations in Fort Collins.

Some people avoid doing volunteer work like they avoid campus missionaries — religiously.

But if you’re bored, how about using your spare time to actually help people? You might even, I don’t know, feel the satisfaction of having a positive impact on somebody’s life.

Now your last option would be to do what a fair amount of college students spend their weekend doing: getting smashed, getting sick, getting regretful and getting behind on school work. Woo! Binge drinking!

Although that may be super fun most weekends, switch it up a little this one or next, and take some time to just relax and reconnect with friends — or better yet yourself.

I don’t want to advise against anything, just recommend that you go out and do something you never usually do.

But if you are seriously bored, I would counsel against doing option three — you’ll end up knowing a ton of weird things that you can never really use reading Wikipedia, and at 2 a.m. you will wonder what happened to your Friday night.

Res Stecker is a junior international studies major. Letters and feedback can be sent to