Politics beyond the elections, keeping government accountable

Election day is upon us. Colorado is in the national spotlight as one of the few swing states that could help determine the election. Your vote has never been more critical.

Critical in a way that’s more than the usual rhetoric thrown at citizens in an effort to rock the vote. In Colorado, an automatic recount is triggered when the margin of votes between the winning candidate and the next highest candidate is less that 0.5 percent.


The responsibility for administering the recount in such an event would fall to our Secretary of State, Republican Scott Gessler. Yes the same Scott Gessler who mailed letters to 4,000 Colorado voters asking them to prove that they’re eligible to vote and are legal citizens, sparking accusations of discrimination and racial profiling.

We’re confident that if a recount occurs, it will be handled fairly and impartially, but this issue just highlights the importance and potential sway that each vote has.

So if you haven’t voted yet, put this down this second and vote.

Beyond that, remember that if we truly want to affect some tangible change in our political system, we can’t just tune in to the political sphere once every couple years.

The price of freedom and liberty is eternal vigilance. This extends far beyond the election of 2012. We must keep our government accountable with every piece of legislation that’s passed and executive order that is issued.

Our country changes incrementally, the people’s voice must be there every step of the way to scrutinize every decision our representatives make. With a titanic debt, crumbling infrastructure and with the threat of being mired in international conflicts, we can do nothing less.