College students matter this election

Larimer County Line
(Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

For the first time in recent memory, an acting president of the United States will be on the CSU campus. When President Barack Obama arrives on Tuesday, it should be more than enough proof that in the next general election this community is in a key state and in a key county that could turn the tide in this election.

This visit is a high profile reminder of just how important it is for students to stay informed in the coming months, up until the moment ballots are cast.


Larimer County is a swing county and Colorado is a swing state in this election. Every voter in this community has big role to play in November, and one that may actually make a difference.

Think about which way each major county in the state will lean the morning after election night — Democrat or Republican. Boulder County will be blue, obviously. El Paso County will be red, also obviously. Weld County will also likely be red. Denver County will most likely be blue as it was in 2008. Arapahoe was also blue last election.

So on which side of the isle might Larimer County, the sixth largest in the state, land? We helped vote Obama into the White House, but traditionally we can be unpredictable.

Expect to see quite a bit of political activity in the coming months, more than many presidential elections, actually, because we land in a politically strategic location. Don’t be surprised if you see some sort of response by the Republican campaign soon after Obama’s visit. Like Hermann Cain: that should be hilarious.

And with so much discussion that will be going on around us, we need to stay informed on the facts and not just be swayed by partisan propaganda, because this year our vote might actually be pretty important.