Lilly Pulitzer launch at Target

Celine Wolff

Mark your Lilly Pulitzer planner right now for April 19th, because Lilly Pulitzer is launching a women’s clothing, home, and beauty line for Target. Can we all just have a quick freak out moment together?

Okay, now I can give you the details! The line offers 15 gorgeous prints, 250 pieces, online plus size options, and will cost $2-$250. Summer will be here in just a few weeks, and celebrating the start of summer is a good enough excuse to pick up a few pieces to refresh your summer wardrobe. I picked out a few key pieces that are my favorite, selecting ones that looked the most “classic Lilly”.


High Waisted Bikini 

Photo Credit: Target $24
Photo Credit: Target $24

I love how the bottoms are high waisted, so it will cover any insecurities in the tummy area. But if high waisted bottoms aren’t your thing, there are six other swim suits to choose from in the collection. (This blue sea shell print is by far my favorite out of the 15 to choose from.)

Pink Shift Dress and Fringe Kimono Beach Cover-Up

Photo Credit: Target $38
Photo Credit: Target $30


Out of all the dresses, I found this pink shift dress to be the most similar/true to Lilly’s original resort wear. The fringe kimono can be styled with the pink dress or be chic thrown over a bikini.

PomPom Shorts and Espadrilles

Photo Credit: Target $24
Photo Credit: Target $24


These shorts are the definition of summer: fun and adventurous. They can be dressed up with wedges or down with sneakers. The print on the espadrilles is so unique and comes in a classic, Lilly-type print.

Double Zip Train Case and Ceramic Mugs

Photo Credit: Target $22.99
Photo Credit: Target $30

If you’re in need of some cute travel accessories, then check out the beauty section of the collection. There are tons of pouches, organizers, and clutches. Plus, the flamingos on the train case are too cute to pass up!  And why not bring some Lilly into your house with colorful ceramic mugs?


There are some items I would suggest avoiding; the jewelry pieces are gorgeous in the gold finish, but the cheap “gold” overlay tends to turn color or rub off after a few months. Another item I would shy away from are the flip flops with the plastic spray-over print. Wearing flip flops in the summer means you’re probably going to wear them to the pool, and that means your toes, combined with the chlorine and water, will rub off the print pretty quickly.

I recommend going to Target’s Lilly Pulitzer launch site to pick out exactly what you want; that way, you can prioritze what you really want, instead of letting the excitement take over and buy things you’ll end up regreting. I mean, do we really need 15 scarves? Well…maybe. 


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