Valentine’s Day craft

Celine Wolff

Photo credit Celine Wolff.

If you are as big of a fan of Too Faced makeup products as I am, then you probably have a collection of makeup packaging that their makeup comes in. The cardstock-like paper that is used to cover the palettes and blush is too beautiful to throw away. I kept hoarding them until I could think of something to do with them. That’s when I was like, ummm duh! Valentine’s Day craft! 

These crafts can be done with any high-end makeup brand’s packaging. But if you don’t have makeup packaging, scrapbook paper can substitute. The first craft is a handmade Valentine’s Day card and the second is a string of paper hearts for decorating.


Valentine’s Day Card DIY

What You Will Need:

  • glue stick or Elmer’s Glue

    Photo credit Celine Wolff.
  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors and pencil
  • heart stencil {optional}
  • red lipstick {optional}
  • makeup paper packaging {optional}

1) Take the scrapbook paper and cut it into a 9″ by 5″ rectangle, then fold it in half “hamburger style”.

2) This is the time where you get to be crafty! You can cut the makeup packaging any way you want (be a rebel and don’t use a stencil like I did). I cleary took the safe route by cutting just hearts and rectangles, but you could do some layering with the paper by cutting out more hearts and stacking them.

3) With the glue, glue the packaging to the scrapbook paper. If you want to add a personal touch, apply red lipstick and kiss the letter (on the outside or inside).

DIY String of Hearts 

What You Will Need:IMG_3306

  • mini clothespins
  • 3 yards of ribbon
  • ruler
  • scissors and pencil
  • heart stencil {optional}
  • makeup paper packaging {optional}

1) Cut about 6-7′ worth of ribbon. This length gives the perfect amount of ribbon so that it will be long enough to casually hang.

2) Next, decide where you want to hang your ribbon. This craft looks chic when hung along a brick wall or in a window. Hold the ribbon up and tape or tie it to the two spots you want it attached to.

3) Take apart the makeup paper packaging by unfolding it. I liked how the front of them looked enough that I felt like they didn’t need to be cut into hearts, and just left them as rectangles. Then cut out hearts from the scrapbook paper (I cut out 6 hearts).


4) Lastly, I recommend hanging up the makeup packaging first, to create the three focal points, then adding the hearts (As seen below).

Valetine's Day
Photo credit Celine Wolff.


The string of hearts work for Valentine’s Day decorating, and can even be left up all spring and summer.

So spend a night in, turn on some Netflix, and start crafting.


Celine Wolff can be reached at and on her twitter page, @wolff_celine.